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Indeed this kind of nonsense claiming Nizami for a coward (and in truth no one can develop grasp pieces forcefully in literature within a language they do not want to jot down in!) under the Seljuqid Turk, justifies only laughter.

So, Wikipedia’s entry should really: 1) not have any reference to Qom Except comprehensive remarks are offered for example existence of Qom village in North Azerbaijan, the quotation itself remaining Fake in the view of authoritative scholars and absent from all previously manuscripts, and Iran possessing sizeable Turkic populace from right before Nizami.

برنده ره بیابان در بیابان به کوهستان ارمن شد شتابان که آن خوبان چو انبوه آمدندی به تابستان در آن کوه آمدندی چو شاپور آمد آنجا سبزه نو بود ریاحین را شقایق پیش رو بود گرفته سنگهای لاجوردی ز کسوت‌های گل سرخی و زردی

Furthermore, the “Albans” were being never ever an ethnos during the demanding feeling – they were a country, like Iranians or Azerbaijanis or Georgians or Russians – which included all kinds of other ethnic groups, in fact, according to Strabo, 26 distinct ethnic teams, speaking distinct languages and not knowledge each other.

35) Mr. Baguirov will make A further assert full of faults:As in the phony stories about purely “nomadic” and otherwise “tribal” Turkic persons, that is not fully right, given that initial we want to determine which location we mention and at what time. Secondly, how could, as an example, Sultan Mahmud Ghaznevi be of “tribal track record” – or many other Turkic rulers – who have been patrons of the arts and in the event of a similar Sultan Mahmud spoke fluently Turki, Arabic and Persian?

Just like one example is if somebody is going to translate poems from English, it is better to contain the training on the English system through the 16 several years or so, in lieu of study it from the couple of College courses. According to Jalal Khalegh Motlaghi, following the Russian edition, Professor. Dabir Sayyaghi made A different edition. The Moscow version is usually quite incomplete and it relies largely on one particular manuscript which was not available readily to Iranian Students at time. So the process of producing a more complete manuscript is an ongoing method and Dr. Motlaghi's monumental endeavor exhibits it and he himself is Iranian BTW. Also from Ferdowsi there is about 1000 manuscript and the Shahnameh was considerably more extensive in comparison to the Pan-Ganj. The Pan-Ganj manuscripts also need to be divided by 5. So the two duties are quite unique and undoubtedly the Ferdowsi a single is way more challenging and Dr. Khaleghi Motlaq has shown a few of the issues on the Moscow version (which reveals that the USSR will not be best).

Nizami Ganjavi will never be Section of Turkish culture simply because he contributed to Persian society. He life as a result of his medium of expression along with the lifestyle that he enriched.

“Reproach has now fallen upon me and it's dared to insult me, contacting me Persian: that, I disregard, for I’m nevertheless an Arab and scorn this cowardly sneer of bragging fools unused to the shield and spear.”

BTW, not to consider your promises severely, but Nizami was not even completely Azarbaijani as assert, given that he was at the very least 50 percent Kurdish! And nowadays scholars look for both my explanation mother and father to determine ethnicity. I'd personally guess by likelihood that his other half was Kurdish since practically all Kurds marry with other Kurds.

Indeed I understand Azerbaijani Students have made really Wrong statements on claiming these groups as Turks and consult with some resources eighty several years previous such as the Japhetic concept of Marr (who also considered Kurdish as Japhetic as well). But modern discoveries are relatively distinct.

The issue once again will be the USSR historiography which isn't reliable In regards to ethnic challenges. Certainly most of the very same USSR scholars also tried to clearly show Nizami Ganjavi as anti-Islam. And a few Students have taken the above couplets to suggest that Shirvanshah were not gonna be stingy, like Mahmud of Ghazna was to Ferdowsi. Other scholars have basically taken it pretty actually without having attachments.

Mr. Baguirov proceeds: Staying a native speaker of the 21st century Persian/Farsi just isn't enough – Specially due to the fact Considerably of our conversations facilities on a variety of Discover More Here historic information and references. , which all over again is fake due to the fact much of Nizamis poetry is believed in its primary language inside the Iranian education and learning technique. For example in the 3rd grade text Persian textbook, the first lesson is immediately 10 verses of Nizamis praise of God and starts with the road (ay naameh to behtarin sar-aghaaz - bi naameh to key konam baaz). And also his poetry is plastered in the course of Persian faculty textbooks. Also it should be noted for Mr. Baguirov that precisely what is inadequate just isn't realizing Persian! For their explanation the reason that Nizami is alive because of the Persian language and translations never do justice to his operate. Indeed a translation by a Russian by way of example, implies a translation by an individual that doesn't contain the training of your indigenous Iranian.

Pleasant attempt, Mr. Doostzadeh, but you are not suitable about manuscripts – They are really frequently extra specific and correct the more mature they are – there is no reverse correlation.

ten) Again I make the statement that there won't exist any Azarbaijani Turkish literature prior to the Ilkhanids from Azarbaijan. Dede-Korkut Incidentally takes advantage of the term Istanbul (a time period close to only about 500 years ago) and Farooq Summer has place it way after Nizami. Its oldest manuscript (and I do think there is only one and two) just isn't that old. Dede Korkut contains three hundred Arabic words and a hundred and sixty Persian terms which shows that it produced way just after. These Arabic phrases and Persian phrases did not exist throughout 1300 several years ago while in the Oghuz language as well as stories of Dede Korkord are certainly thoroughly incredibly distinct than the stories of Nizami in lots of respects.

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